Sunday, January 11, 2015

11: Architecture Photography (choice)


For my last choice project I chose to do photography and went downtown and took pictures of the old house near the community center.  I went just as the sun was setting so the lighting was phenomenal and I loved how only the top half of the house was light up.  I took a ton of pictures all at different angles and then narrowed them down to my top 12.  At that point it was hard to pick my favorites, but I managed to pick a few that I favored more and didn't use others that were at a similar angle or didn't have quite of good lighting.  After I got them on my computer, I put some filters on the photos to enhance the bright yellows and oranges in the house which really helped that sunset look that I was looking for. I don't know exactly what kind of architecture I am going to photograph for my concentration but I am really excited to have this as my first piece and I can't wait to start photographing more interesting and unique architecture.

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