Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Final Lidded Vessel

Artist Makes Original Work:
I wanted to to an almost pyramid shape container and I used drip patterns because I have always liked the look of them. I wanted to do something different for the lid so I chose to make it out of cork.
Artists Take Risks:
I was worried about the drips and the cork because I wasn't sure if the drips would actually look realistic and I was worried about how well the cork would work, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scratch Board

Artists Make Original Work:
I decided to do an animal and I knew I wanted to do my dog, Tessa, so I found a picture of her on my phone and zoomed in just on her. I then did the sketch and began scratching the ink off, adding in lighter fur against the darker fur and highlights on her chin and collar. I also added the highlights in her eyes and on her nose.
Artists Take Risks:
I was a little apprehensive about doing my dog because I have not been the biggest fan of drawing animals in the past. However, I learned that animals actually easier on a scratch board because you can capture the look of fur easier and it enables you to put in more highlights versus drawing the darks.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
I really liked this project just because of how it was a completely new material and medium to use and I used to do scratchboards that already had the designs when I was little. My dad also used to do a lot of scratchboards when he was high school and college and his work was always amazing to see and hear about.