Sculpture Final Exam

I really liked "open art room" because it gave me a lot of room to experiment with different mediums and materials. My project materials ranged from clay to plywood and I know that had it been a mores strict art environment and we were forced to use certain materials, I am sure I would not have felt as proud of my work. Everyone is able to take a topic or theme and create something completely unique and that reflect their personalities. Two of my pieces this semester revolved around Paris and traveling just because thats where I am going this summer and its what I think of when I am doing my pieces. My clay dice candle holders were uniques to me as well because I have always liked the simplicity of a pair of dice and I like 3D pieces that involve light. 

The piece that reflects me as an artist the most is my cut-out city scape because I have grown up memorizing state capitals and countries that I want to go to in Europe. In Paris, I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Palace of Versailles. My mom was born in England and most of her family is there so I have always wanted to go again and see the country she grew up in. This summer, when we go, we are going to do a road to visit family and friends. Italy has always appeared to me as a great art friendly country because of their gorgeous architecture and history of famous artists.

My Paris sign was tricky because of the use of stencils and spray paint. I had used stencils and spray paint from previous art classes and I have always liked the look of it.  However, when I sprayed over the white with the black, it smeared badly and dripped under the paper stencil.  I flipped over the wood and repainted the underlying turquoise and the white; then I did the stencil again but in black acrylic. It still was a little uneven so I cleaned up the edges with white acrylic. Then my next problem was that the white spray paint was shinier than the acrylic so I painted over with clear coat that evened the paint out and gave it more of a vintage look.

I think that the hardest part of the class was coming up with ideas for projects, because while I really like how open it is, it is hard to come up with something completely unique that reflects your personality. I really liked the Illustration Fridays though because I enjoyed taking one word and creating a cool piece from it that I wouldn't normally portray or draw. The word were specific enough that they gave you a direction for your art but vague enough so that it was open to interpretation. Having a random word to start a warm- up was cool because it kind of opened my mind and got me thinking to come up with something that could represent it. I think a good way to help with project ideas would be to write a list of words that come to mind based off the Illustration Friday word every week so that when we are short on ideas, we can look back on lists and find inspiration.