Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final Portfolio and Reflection





The past year in AP Art has been an amazing experience for me to both demonstrate my capabilities in art and grow as an artist. I had the chance to work more with paint and that was definitely helpful because it helped me realize how hard oils are and that I want to work more with watercolors. I have always admired watercolors and after working with them for one project, I realized how challenging they are but I still want to learn how to make an even better piece. My favorite medium, of course, is Prismacolor Pencils because I just love how the strokes blend together and how detailed I can get when drawing an intricate piece. Through Drawing class, AP Art, and working with Prismas, I have been able to enhance my drawing skills as I came to discover how to draw things as I see them and not how I think they are supposed to look. When drawing glass with pencil and I have to draw the crazy and abstract shapes and capture the vast display of values distributed throughout the surface, I see just how intricate a simple glass bottle can become. I sincerely hope that drawing glass and reflections is continued to be encouraged throughout both Drawing class and AP Art because it has helped me so much. Drawing a bottle with reflections in pencil helps me draw colors reflected off of water or glass in Prisma. Once I was finally able to draw reflections accurately, it helped me draw all sorts of things that otherwise would have been lacking if not for that knowledge. I have learned the impact of drawing warped shapes through glass and clouds reflected on a window that I probably wouldn't have been able to capture nearly as well. On my favorite piece, Hotel Studia, the windows wouldn't have looked like windows if I had drawn glass because instead I had to draw reflections of clouds and sky that gave the window a more accurate appearance. While I had the experience to draw in Prisma in drawing class, it was in AP art that I discovered its true potential as "my medium". I may not have done all that many concentration pieces in Prisma, but I still knew that it was my best medium and stood by it even when I was getting sick of Prisma.  My other favorite medium is Photography and I loved being able to make it a part of my portfolio because taking photos has always been such a big part of my life.  I only wish I had a bit more instruction in Photography because it would have been awesome if we could have had even just one week where we all took photos and focused on capturing the elements of art and themes through photos. AP Art was such a big part of my life this past year and I know I will miss having so much time for art but I am so excited to begin the next stage of my life in college. However, I will be sure to find a way to keep art in my life and in my college experience by drawing whenever I can and minoring/ majoring in some form of art!!