Monday, December 16, 2013

Layered Seasons

I chose to represent the seasons for my layering project because there are so many aspects of every season and every season should be depicted uniquely. 
 Summer is shown by bright colors and vibrant life while winter is shown with blues and snowy scenes. Every season is thought of differently and has different representations.

 I used pictures in collages to represent the seasons because they enabled me to capture more aspects and different colors seen in each season. By using small objects and pictures, I could depict any aspect of the season without taking away from the overall project.
I wanted to show all the seasons layered on top of each other to represent how each season depends on the other but at the same time show the difference between them.  By having a small gap between the layers I accomplished having the layered collages close but far enough away that you can see the distinctions among them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time as and Element
                           I used acrylic paint on loose canvas to create a flag-like affect because I "combined" the many American flags we have had in the past to create one flag that dipicted all of them. I took a risk because I wasn't sure how the loose canvas would affect the layers of paint and if by the bending it could crack the paint. Every flag we have had is important, and by combining them I hope to maintain that history through only one flag.

Monday, September 30, 2013


I used colored pencils and then used water over in order to blend the colors more. My inspiration came from wanting to do something that dipicts the English tea cup but pair it with something totally opposite, in this case the drink Monster. I was taking risks with the water topcoat because I wasn't sure how well it would blend the colors or if it would wrinkle the paper too much. While it did affect the paper some, it also helped my colors stand out more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Text as an Element

I used acrylic paint and photo transfers to compose my piece. The inspiration from my piece was from the idea that everyone has a different view of the world and their own opinions. Each eye is a different color and has a different word around it. I was taking a risk when I did the photo transfer because I was not sure how well it would work, and although it did not come out exactly the way I wanted it, I still like the resulting images.