Thursday, February 12, 2015

6: Reflective Glass

For this breadth piece, I chose to do a pencil drawing of glass bottles that were reflecting the light. I started by getting a light outline down and then put in all the light spot outlines so I would know where to not shade. I then worked my way darker and darker, slowly adding my dark shadow and lines while capturing the bright reflected spots. My favorite bottle is the sugar jar because I loved how I was able to get all the shadow and lights in the lid and in the area directly below the lid. I love drawing reflections because of all the crazy colors you see and the shapes that we wouldn't normally expect to see.

2: Neon Art Deco Sign

While downtown, I also took pictures of the neon sign outside a store called Art deco. I loved how the sign was so different from the style of the buildings and yet they both complimented each other in the photo. On the top image, I captured the sign with the buildings in perspective behind it. I added a filter that enhanced my colors giving it a warmer look. I really liked how much the warm browns were paired with the blue and they made the other pop and stand out. on the bottom photo, I took a picture of the sign from the other side and had the window, flag, and the light up building in it to go with the sign. I really loved how the dark blue of the flag went with the orange/ yellow building and the neon sign. I then put a filter on the image to blur the edges to bring the focus on the sign and its surroundings.

1: Church in Sunlight

For this project, I went to downtown Raleigh and took some pictures. I made sure to go right when the sun was starting to go down so I got some great warm lighting on the buildings. One of my favorite structures is this church that is gorgeous in any lighting but I really loved this image because the light is warm looking (even though it was probably only 30 degrees outside) and has really heavy shadows on the brick of the church. The bushes and trees, along with their shadows kind of framed the edges of the photo and I loved the effect. While I had taken many photos of the church at different angles and in different lighted areas, this one was definitely my favorite because of the light and the shadows. I also loved how the sun light up the door and the stripes of the wood really capturing the look of this old door.