Friday, March 28, 2014

Duck Tutorial

This duck tutorial was a little tedious but I think it was good practice for the tools that can be used in Adobe Illustrator. It was fun messing with the gradients to make the duck look as realistic as possible with the variations of yellows and oranges. The eyes were small and a little harder to do the pen tool but I think that they look most like the actual duck's eyes.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I did my cinemagraph from a video I took of daffodils moving in a breeze. I thought this was kind of a difficult project but it was a cool assignment. I did help me get more accustomed to the animation pane and was a good challenge.

Adobe Illustrator Flowers

I thought this a really fun introduction to Adobe Illustrator because it was good practice to use the different shapes, effects, and gradients.  The bloat tool was really cool because of how much it altered the star to make it look like a flower and the gradients really changed the look of the petals.


Artists Create Original Work:
I had been considering doing something involving water whether it was bubbles or dewdrops. I took pictures of a flower that I had sprayed water on and had many drops of water between the petals. I thought this would be a cool picture to do in color pencils because even though the flower was red there were many other variations of colors in the petals and in the background.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
I had never used Prismacolor pencils so I had been kind of worried about how well I could make them blend together but I am really happy and impressed with how I was able to capture all the colors and shapes in the flower and in the background. I would now choose the color pencils for future projects because I was really happy with how they made the image looked.
Artists Take Risks:
I was a little unsure about how I would do the background and capture the blurry look of the leaves and colors. While I could have done the background more simply than the picture, it wouldn't have had the same effect. I did learn though that if I used the light grayish color pencil over the colors, it lightened them up and made them less definite and captured that blurred look.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3D Creation

I created a spider- like creature because when I think creature I automatically picture some creepy bug or animal. I had some trouble at first creating the shape of a monster so I kind of just went with what the shape looked like. This was a really interesting project because the app enabled me to see every side of the animal and create it as a true 3D looking object.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Artists Create Original Work- 
On my origami project I decided to do the basic shape of a triangle so that the base would not take away from the covering origami. I kept the designs simple, using basic accordion folds along the edges and then put a more complex looking flowers on the front and back. The only times I did origami, I usually did flowers so I was bit more familiar with the folds associated with them.
Artists Reflect- 
Throughout the project I would look at the overall thing and I changed the covering origami ideas I had several times before settling with flowers because nothing looked just right. I had been originally been thinking flowers but didn't have the right paper and was putting it off, but other folds just didn't look right so I went back to my original idea of flowers.
Artists Solve Problems-
Because I kept changing the folds on the shape, a lot of the time there was rip marks from where I had taken off the paper so I had to keep redoing the paper covering the shape. The accordion folds on the side were also a challenge because the Elmer's glue took a while to dry and hold the paper and I have no patience. I just had to press it up against other things for a while until the glue was dry enough to hold the folds in place.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Written Marigold

For my text project, I chose to do a picture of a marigold that I had taken because I thought it would be fun to put the text on each petal and over the yellow.  I am really happy with it because it actually looks like the flower and it is just text. It took a while though because I was using small fonts trying to fill the petals and there were a lot of pieces of the flower to go over.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look at that View

I chose to do a perspective drawing from a birds eye view because I had never done a birds eye before and I wanted to try something different. It was hard to do the lines on the buildings that were closer to the edge because of the sharp perspective but it was a good challenge. I was also a little wary when shading the buildings but I am happy with the end result.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Text on Image

This was a lot of fun because I have always liked images that have been redone with text. Some parts were tricky but I figured everything out and it was a really fun practice.

Type Tutorial #2

It was really cool to see all the different fonts there are for every theme. I liked choosing a font that was different from others and then I changed the colors to make it stand out more and fit the fonts style.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Type Effects

The type tutorial was really cool to me because I have always enjoyed changing the look of text in microsoft and in photoshop there are so many more techniques that can be used. It was really interesting because there are so many different possibilities that can be done to the letters. I tried to make mine look kinda like a cutout and then I increased the contrast in the darks and lights as well as making the colors almost have a negative look to show the differences more between the flower in the background and the flower in the text.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I enjoyed drawing the candy in the wrapper in color because I had to see all the highlights and reflected colors in the plastic. The smarties were fun to draw because of the many colors inside and on the wrapper. It also helped me become better at layering the Prismacolor colored pencils. The lollipop in pencil was a good practice because of the folds and values of the wrapper as well as making the stick look rounded. The jolly rancher was fun to draw because with the pastels I was able to blend the values in the candy and capture the highlights in the wrapper. I was also able to use the colors to capture the shadows under the yellow part of the wrapper and the shadow under the candy.

Dancing Pig

I really wanted to do something different than a person so I chose to do a pig and because it would be better if it were on only two legs, I made the pig dancing.  While I kinda wish I had done something simpler, the final project does look really cool so I am happy with it.