Thursday, May 22, 2014

Skull Drawing

Artists Create Original Work:
For this self portrait, we had to draw our own face over the skull picture and  I drew my proportions off but this only helped me realize for future drawings. This is original work because was drawing my own face and figuring out the different techniques as I went.
Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
I thought this was a really good practice to help us see wear the facial features are supposed to go and how the proportions look. I knew for future reference that the eyes are supposed to go lower down over the eye sockets and same with the nose.
Artists Reflect: 
 I did realize when I was drawing the face how important the facial features' proportions are because if they are off even a little bit, it doesn't look as good or as realistic. While I had initially thought that drawing over the skull was hard and a little creepy, I soon realized how much it helped me in that drawing and how it would help as reference for future portraits.

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