Thursday, May 15, 2014

Relief Project

Artists Create Original Work:
I wanted to create the look of a silhouetted cityscape but combine it with my desire of traveling so I cut out monuments and famous landmarks for England, France, and Italy.  I decided to make the background a map to tie each of the places together and to complete the look. 
Artists Communicate Through Their Work:
I have many places, primarily in Europe, that I want to visit and because this summer I will actually be going to London and Paris, I seem to tie practically everything to my upcoming trip.  I wanted to show how each country is unique and has gorgeous landmarks and monuments that represent their history and beauty.
Artists Solve Problems:
When I was cutting out the tiny details of the monuments I did run into the problem of accidentally cutting something off or causing it to be too weak to stand up without drooping.  I figured out that if I glued a tiny strip on the back, it strengthened it so that it could stand up and still had all the important details. I also later added wire to the backs of the taller buildings.

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