Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Self- Portrait

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:
I definitely improved my knowledge and skill in different mediums because I used charcoal and I had only used charcoal a few times before and it was a big step to use it in a large self portrait. I also have never liked doing portraits and I had never had much luck with them in the past but I impressed myself with how much my portrait actually resembles me.
Artists Take Risks:
Coming back to the use of charcoal, I had only ever used it for small things such as warm- ups or class assignments and never for a major project. I figured out when and where to use a tortillion as to not take away from the piece but to help where needed.  I also used a soft paint brush to blend the charcoal in some areas because of how it helped increase the smoothness in the face where as a tortillion would have left faint streaks and would have been uneven.
Artists Reflect:
I had started a rough draft of the portrait by using griding and when I saw how it had already looked like me, it made me more determined to make the final piece some of my best work and I am really happy with the end result.

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