Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3: Graffiti Sign

For this image, I chose to keep it as photography because I love this photo and all the colors and lighting but I thought some of that and the detail might be lost if I were to try and do it in colored pencil.  I really like this because we see graffiti and stickers on stuff everywhere but you would never really expect to see it in Paris.  We know every city has it but some have less and/ or you don't really ever see it. This was a sign in the heart of Paris and while it is covered in stickers, it still has a sense of beauty to it when combined with certain lighting and its surroundings. One of my favorite parts of this picture is the pole: it may just look black but in between the grains of black and gray there are bursts of coral, yellow, orange, reds, and evens greens. I love when I capture something that doesn't actually have all these crazy colors but at the same time, it does.

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