Thursday, February 12, 2015

2: Neon Art Deco Sign

While downtown, I also took pictures of the neon sign outside a store called Art deco. I loved how the sign was so different from the style of the buildings and yet they both complimented each other in the photo. On the top image, I captured the sign with the buildings in perspective behind it. I added a filter that enhanced my colors giving it a warmer look. I really liked how much the warm browns were paired with the blue and they made the other pop and stand out. on the bottom photo, I took a picture of the sign from the other side and had the window, flag, and the light up building in it to go with the sign. I really loved how the dark blue of the flag went with the orange/ yellow building and the neon sign. I then put a filter on the image to blur the edges to bring the focus on the sign and its surroundings.

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