Monday, March 24, 2014


Artists Create Original Work- 
On my origami project I decided to do the basic shape of a triangle so that the base would not take away from the covering origami. I kept the designs simple, using basic accordion folds along the edges and then put a more complex looking flowers on the front and back. The only times I did origami, I usually did flowers so I was bit more familiar with the folds associated with them.
Artists Reflect- 
Throughout the project I would look at the overall thing and I changed the covering origami ideas I had several times before settling with flowers because nothing looked just right. I had been originally been thinking flowers but didn't have the right paper and was putting it off, but other folds just didn't look right so I went back to my original idea of flowers.
Artists Solve Problems-
Because I kept changing the folds on the shape, a lot of the time there was rip marks from where I had taken off the paper so I had to keep redoing the paper covering the shape. The accordion folds on the side were also a challenge because the Elmer's glue took a while to dry and hold the paper and I have no patience. I just had to press it up against other things for a while until the glue was dry enough to hold the folds in place.

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