Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4: Pont Des Arts Lock Bridge

For my fourth project I chose I photo that I had taken while in Paris, France. I wanted to do it in pencil because I am more comfortable doing detail with it than some other mediums. I chose to use the theme metallic because I really like drawing and capturing reflections in the metal. I chose the picture of locks because it was one of the thing I dreamed of seeing even before I went to Paris. Couples go to the bridge and put a lock on the bridge to symbolize their love. I always thought it was a really romantic idea and wanted to capture that in my drawing. It was difficult to draw the initial shapes of the locks because of how many there were in the photo. I decided to start with the large lock towards the center and the locks near it since it had the least amount of locks overlapping it. The only real problem I had drawing it was the proportions because the paper wasn't the same proportions as the photo and when I finished some of the locks I had a lot of empty space which I just filled in with more locks from other photos.  I decided to color one if the locks with Prismacolors and use the bright pink in the photo to make the one lock stand out. In the photo, it is the most brightly colored lock and I wanted to keep that aspect in my drawing to draw attention to it.

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