Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Artist Statement

I enjoy creating works of art because I love how I can capture moments or images in time.  Whether I am taking pictures of a gorgeous sunset or capturing a still life of reflective bottles in pencil, there is a beauty to both. Photography is my favorite medium because I see differently through a lens; the way light is refracted through the glass or how colors seem even more vibrant than what I see simply with my eyes. One of my favorite artists is M.C. Escher who creates amazing black and white illustrations that make me have to look twice because each image is warped or incorporates something that should be impossible.

I am inspired by my love and desire of traveling because I want to see places in the world that are both well known and unknown. I would like to experience the many different cultures and incorporate the variations of art styles into my own pieces.  Water droplets, cobblestone streets with terraces overhead, modern reflective buildings, or crumbling ancient ruins; they are all so different, yet each are a part of our world and have a story to tell. Fire vs. ice, modern vs. vintage, colorful vs. black and white; most think that you have to choose one or the other but my favorite part of art, and about life, is that we have so many variations and opposites that make our countries and cultures unique and interesting.

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