Friday, February 7, 2014

Before Visiting Artist Bryant Holsenbeck

Before Visiting Artist: 
1. Bryant Holsenbeck is an environmentalist who uses materials we wouldn't normally think of as "art supplies". By using trash bags, broken CD's, scraps of cloth and other pieces that have been thrown away as "trash", Holsenbeck creates an entirely unique style of pieces. She works with the community to create amazing and environmental friendly pieces of art. Although she started out as a basket maker, she is now devoted to creating installations and pieces of art all out of recycled materials.
2.I expect to be surprised by the different techniques she will teach us on how to make our trash bags into animal works of art. I have never done a project from recycled materials and I am excited to have her teach us how.
3.I think that we will all have a little trouble at the project first because most of us have never created an animal out of bags. However, I do know that we will all try our best to create the animals with our own skill and Holsenbeck's instruction.
4.I am planning to make a white tiger because even though I won't be able to capture all of the tiger's beauty it will still represent the gorgeous animal.
5.Favorite Pieces:
6. My animal idea:

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